Monday, May 28, 2012

Something New


My community has a healthy food buying club, HLBC, organized by a mom, that we privileged patrons order our food from twice a month.  We then pick up our boxes of fresh produce and grocery items, even bags of livestock feed on "market days."  On market day, leftovers from bulk orders are for sale on the tables.  This week there were portabellas, oh so fresh, and I'd already had an intrigued eye on those beefy mushrooms.  There is a recipe in Internal Bliss for portabella pizzas, and I used this online recipe for some tips too, as I added them to the grill with Grandpa's pasture-raised beef steak.  It made a pretty plate indeed with a side of our garden chard.

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Slambert said...

Wow! what good stuff! the creativity of your kids astounds me. Your photo of beef, chard, and portobella pizzas makes my mouth water! I tried that recipe with just our Trader Joe's mushrooms, and really enjoyed it, so I can only imagine how your fresh ones tasted! Thanks for the ongoing inspiration, sis!