Thursday, September 25, 2008

Beauty of Shoreline Collections

Morning Hour at the Shore

Beautiful Sis, Meg's Birthday

I had the honor of having my sister, Meg, come visit for her birthday. Her husband, Jesse, and children are with us for the week.

The Hunt

Not so beautiful to some... but beautiful to my husband and like-minded wild hearts. Marshal shot this six point bull elk with his bow last Saturday. He had relinquished the arduous hunt of 3 pt or better bulls to scenic hiking as the day drew on, and unexpectedly this bull came into his field of vision and close proximity on a remote ridge. Marshal began a process of stalking it through the trees; shot it with bow and one rightly plunged arrow; and tracked it to where it lay in the ensuing hours. This mode of filling the freezer with meat for our table demands more exertion, time, and pain than one would imagine; but the exhilaration and sense of accomplishment or provision is incomparable as well.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tea Party

A tradition, a September tea party for my sister Meg in honor of her birthday and a sweet childhood friendship that endures. My "mum" lays out and hosts the loveliest tea party in all the world.
I wish that I had a close up of the floral centerpiece. Even Mom oohed and aahed at the arrangement she gathered and pieced together from her garden and home. What a delight it is to create, God given, innate, to reflect that image of God, Creator of Beauty.
My mum, an unrecognized artist, pouring tea at her table. It is fitting that her father's oil of majestic elephants graces her wall behind as she works her own canvas of table, plate, and palate. She is an exquisite artist. Everything tastes as delectable as it looks by the way.

Soccer Season

Soccer season is in full swing. I was leery of the time commitment; soccer definitely monopolizes the calendar. I listened to the skill demonstration presented to both players and coaches yesterday at the Academy practice and realized just how seriously they take this training at the youngest level. The goal is not to chase and kick the ball through the white posts with an opposing mob, but to learn skills for future domination of the sport in regional championships. I would have signed Gabe up for a more recreational team if I'd known my options a few months ago. Gabe showed yesterday that he can keep up with the technical skills with active, live demonstrations. He says that he is having fun despite the demanding approach to the sport, his own social insecurities and tendency to hold back. The greatest thing he can gain from this experience is to build confidence in engaging with his peers, going in aggressively with the other players after the ball, learning to participate with the team. Those were my goals for the sport. If Gabe doesn't have to be reminded to take his hands out of his pockets and stop being a spectator, it will be a success. He doesn't suffer from lack of interest in the game, just timidity. When Gabe was trying to master the skill of kicking yesterday, knee bent, ankle locked, toe out, punch with heel, follow through with step forward, his arms were flapping a bit with intensity, concentration, insecurity of something new. A coach exclaimed, "What are you doing with your arms?" and then shook them out, put them down at his sides. My maternal protective radar came out, quietly scrutinizing Gabe's face for emotional response. Poor kid didn't have his hands in his pockets! Gabe dropped his arms to his sides though, halted the peculiar behavior, kept concentrating on the kicking skills, trying to conform the movement of all his body parts to the direction. As I said before, when I asked at the close of practice if he had fun, he said , "Yes!" I choose to believe him.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Grandchildren Together

This past week my family gathered from east and west at Mom and Dad's. My parents had their eight grandchildren under one roof for three nights, in the process of arrivals and departures. It was good to all be home, and as special as we had all imagined.

Grammy and youngest grandson, Thaddeus.

Dad, Seth, and Thad
-Three generations of eldest sons-

Belated Happy Birthday Caleb! (Pictured with wife Katie and son Ezekiel on right.)

Faces of Family

Meg with Naphtali

The three girls - Lydi, Naph, & Hav

Lydia and Shane

Havilah reviving after jet lag.

Jed becoming a favorite of Tirza.

Mt Adams Beauty

Peak of Mt Adams looming ahead as I climb.

Alpine flowers, weathered wood, and mountain view.