Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Farm to My Table

This past weekend was the annual self-guided farm tour, and I was here to do it!  Marshal and Gabe took a combined business and fun trip east, while Lydia and I had some time of our own.  Lydia and I visited Willowood, a farm that grows much of the produce that I order biweekly for my own table.  I had no idea that Willowood was the beautiful 4th generation farm on Ebey's Prairie close to the bluff, overlooking the sea and Olympics.  Beautiful.
Willowood Farm - Just prior to turning into the driveway.

Starts for fall greens.

Drying the onions.

Peek of the 4th generation farm house.

Greenhouse for tomatoes and 1880 barn behind Lydia.


Braising Greens

Floating row covers are non pesticide pest control for the tender plants.

Varieties of Garlic

Jewel specimens of winter squash.

The produce cart.

Kite Festival

The last weekend of summer on Whidbey Island hosts colorful events.  This year, Lydia and I took advantage of the sights.  The first event of the day was to view the kites flying over Fort Casey.
Running with the Bowl - kids' heat of kite games

A favorite kite, the ghost kite, was so striking dancing against the blue sky.

Looked so like butterflies fluttering in the sky.

Lydia being a good sport about posing for me.

Colors captured by the wind.

Let's go fly a kite - mass ascension of delta and box kites.

Kites over Fort Casey.  What a perfect day!

Greek Feast

We began our first weeks of school recapping our last curriculum year study with the rise of the Greeks, influence and culture in world history.  Lydia was especially enthusiastic in putting on a Greek themed meal for our Friday lunch.  We were satisfyingly full with delicious lentils, feta, tuna salad saturated in olive oil, pita pockets, grapes, olives, full fat yogurt, and almonds, dates, and figs.  We would be happy with such a meal every day!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Man About the Place

Marshal home means the start of new projects.  His cousin Steve is wrapping the house in new deck.

Gabe and Lydia put in a full day's work with Cousin Steve in demolition and rebuild last week.

Marshal is working on the wood pile and equipped and taught Gabe to chop beautiful kindling.

Buying ANOTHER battery.  Every battery he owned was dead when he got home.  Good thing he got home before we all perished.

He likes my woodpile.  Said I did good with the purchase.  :-)

Nothing Like a Deere

Hasn't outgrown the little green tractor yet!
Gabe stretching out and taking it easy with Dad home!

Cowbird Catching

Gabe built a trap with wood scraps.

Bird in Hand

Enjoying Catch and Release.  Notice "Bird dog" in background.

Fly Away Blackbird

Sheba takes flight too.

Release #2

Go Dog, Go!

Settled into September

Busy picking up apples and pears under the fruit trees.  Gabe strategically positioned the fruit fly trap.  He and Dad had a trap competition, and Dad's simple plastic wrap with some poked holes was as efficient as a conical trap.

Gleanings from the garden, some stock from an old stewed hen, and whipped cream cheese and honey was delicious with the sunken zucchini cake.  Lesson learned:  If you beat the eggs and honey past frothy, the delicate bread sinks.

Pears and nutmeg reduced and carmelized in the crockpot overnight.

Wisteria and Willow Leaves

The Orchard with Fruit

With prayer to overcome, I saved this apple tree from the caterpillars in the spring.

There are a couple bright orange pumpkins in the garden.

Fall Everbearings

Friendship Gifted Hydrangea

Eggs are always beautiful.

The size of Gabe's spring hatchlings, a fine Delaware.  Too bad they are all roosters.  Miracle Chip went to Grandma.  Four more, good for the freezer though.  The Bantam Silkies, Bunny and Bonny, purchased as companions turned into a darling mated pair.  Hoping Bonny will be a good brooder in the next year.