Thursday, January 24, 2013

MLK Day Ski Trip

Marshal treated the kids to an annual ski trip to Mt Baker.  Mt Baker has a nice package for the kids with rental, lift ticket, and ski lesson included.  I was without camera, but was able to take a few pics on my phone and amazingly figured out how to Bluetooth them over to my computer today!  Monday was absolutely gorgeous at Mt Baker.  It felt like spring skiing and there were no lines to get on the lifts.  It was a blissful day for all.
Round two of skiing with Dad after lunch.  Kids prefer to go pole-less.  Marshal wears his old skis with duct-taped poles in hand.  He doesn't have to worry about anyone stealing them or picking them up by mistake.  Lift operators comment that they don't see "those kind" anymore.  Remain good skis for the slopes, and they even got a new coat of wax that day!

My view from the lodge, saving my knees and money.  Kids are out there in the middle, headed to the rope toe with an instructor.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ballerina Steps in the Kitchen

Lydia reviewing her last year notebook of ballet terms.

I love to dance!

Tendu - to stretch to a pointe.

Ballerina in motion.

Ship II

Battleship by Gabe

Thursday, January 17, 2013

January Cold Sunshine

Looking through the glass this week.
Lydia ready for a state presentation at Family School last Friday.

Gabe's state of choice, Rhode Island, for its link to his own "Little Rhody."  Some of the most interesting facts of Rhode Island that he chose to present are pictured here.

A little experiment with an egg carton having to do with pyramid shapes and strength, gave way to ship building.  Gabe wants you to notice the guns and rudder.
Special Engineering

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First Week of the New Year

Doves in the apple tree.

Whittling away the pox.

Acquiring natural immunity to the chicken pox with the New Year.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

Gabe out collecting the debris without being asked first thing this morning.

Last vestiges of tree trimming decor.

A beautiful day of a new year dawned.

Happy New Year's Eve Fun

Gabe planned his New Year's Eve fun all day, a firework display for Dad and Lydia.  He saved the fireworks from the 4th of July leftovers and generosity of friends.

Camera night scene mode made the pyrotechnic display even more impressive!

I took care of the table cheer with my great-grandmother's Best Ever Gingerbread and hot cocoa.

Happy man with the much desired gingerbread.  It is not a grain-free recipe.

Back to fireworks in the frosty night.

That's a good one lighting up the sky!

Raggedy Ann and Andy wish you all a Happy New Year in the warm glow.

Warming up with cocoa.

Gabe got me out in the cold for the finale.

The Pyrotechnist in person.
Another beautiful year at a close.  Life is beautiful.  May we all receive life in the Life Giver.  "I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly."  John 10:10

Cousin Time

A little girl time at the pool table.

24 hours with the cousins and some serious game playing.

December Reception

We had the privilege of dressing up and sharing the joy of nuptials of a shipmate, colleague, and friend.  Marshal had the added thrill of foreseeing and suggesting the good match two years ago in unexpected Diego.

Fun at the photo booth.

Gift from Lydia

Lydia overheard my desire for collecting silver napkin rings in a discussion with my mom about future Christmas gift ideas, and Lydia was bouncing with excitement for making it a surprise now.  She enlisted Dad, the talented online shopper, and I enjoy the receiving end of Christmas giving everyday I sit at my table now.  I have a set of pretty rings to hold our napkins, and oh so classy and practical.  Here they accompany a simple dinner we had of nourishing broth from a leg of lamb, garden salad, and a plate of cold cut roast beef and swiss with fresh horseradish cream outside the photo.  Horseradish cream is delicious with just a couple tablespoons of freshly grated horseradish root, some sea salt, a squeeze of lemon, and dollops of raw sour cream mixed in.