Saturday, October 31, 2015

Dressing Up for Fall Festival

"Laura Ingalls" was a good shot with the balloon darts.

Hunter Gabe fit right in with the Nerf gun shooting range, and manned it for a good 1/2 hour.

Lydia put together my "French Artist" outfit complete with brushes in my pocket.

With Farmer Dad
Dress up day excuse to wear what we really want to.

Lydia is 12

12 Years of Flaming Color  in our lives with Lydia!

Lydia - Beautiful Light

Happy Birthday song and a suspicious look at boys.

Ready for the cap gun finale.
Big breath and lots of smoke.


Silly string strikes!

Hahaha!  That was the silly surprise.

Mischievous Gabe on the left.

Jemma is ready for a cupcake!
Vacuuming up the silly string.

Organic chocolate cupcakes with butter cream and a chunk of Bark Thin.

Hadassah is appeased with chocolate too.
Presents stacked up.

Special birthday with cousins!

All growing up!

What is with this card?  It is from Gabe...
... tricky Gabe!  He had Mom address the envelope from someone else!

A "harp" card from Johannes
Very pretty gifts from Aunt Janelle and Uncle Seth family.

A pretty pin cushion from Naphtali.

Smells nice too with lavender.
Shana sent a pretty pillow with an applique L.  Such sweet friends.

Jemma rejoined the party though it was past bedtime.

Pretty mits from Grammy.

Merino blend - so soft and pretty.
Merino pink shawl so pretty too!!  Such grown up gifts.

Magazine subscription from Meg and Jess.  Always good to have Answers.

Light blue ballet skirt will please her prettily.  Such a sweet birthday for a sweet girl.

October Pumpkins

Pumpkin Patch Catch Up:  We visited our neighboring Dugalla Farm for an evening in the pumpkin patch and corn maze.
Choosing pumpkins and looking toward the bay.


Looking West
Pumpkin Patch complete with hay wagon.  Load 'em up.
Headed into the thick of the corn maze.

Gabe dropped a seed corn trail, so we didn't get lost.

Made it out to join the Hail and Farewell of officers that evening as part of family friendly Navy function.

We were going to meet a big crowd, but due to event time change, we had the patch ALL to ourselves at annual trip to Case Farm.
Gabe and Lydia formed a game:  Complete four laps of the hay maze, with eyes closed, first!

Pumpkins good enough for pie.

Gabe decides pigs may be in his future with these friendly weaners.

Friendly grunts.
Case Farm known for its beautiful edible heirloom corn.

Brought home some winter squash.

Gabe talks with the turkeys.  Tried to upload a video to no avail.