Friday, February 19, 2010

Sweet Valentines

We kept the tradition. Gabe and Lydia had our bags full of valentines the week before. Each evening as they headed to bed, they reminded Mom to get busy and make some for them! Each morning they sighed to see Mom still procrastinating. "What do you do all night when we go to sleep, Mom?!" Alas, they had special notes from Mom on Valentines day. Grandma came for her birthday, and I made the most delicious German chocolate cake, which we partitioned into four last pieces on Sunday. See Gabe's sigh of ecstasy as he savors it.


Thought I'd share a slice of the dream farm on Whidbey Island. Gabe has his heart set on it. He and Lydia are planning sheep and baby lambs. I'm actually looking forward to laying hens and garden produce. We are waiting... waiting for orders, waiting for a buyer for our home, waiting for the right season to move... waiting and counting the cost. It is nice to dream though in the waiting.