Sunday, June 24, 2012

Chicken Tractor

Our goal this weekend was to build a chicken tractor for our eight pullets, but inclement weather, other priorities, and the inconvenience of tools and materials got in the way.  Marshal resulted to shopping on Craiglist which turned into a road trip and quick visit with family.  Marshal even spent the night on a fishing boat with his brother, and we came home today with a chicken tractor for the feathered gals.  And it is quite the roost indeed... all that I'd hoped for.

Lizzie, our Speckled Sussex found the roost, flapping her wings like mad, first thing.  She was a little nonplussed about how to get down.

Most all the chicks flew off the top of the chicken ladder, some hitting the opposite wall of chicken wire for a crash landing.  This Orpington took the exploratory walk though, tentatively walking up and down, still a little unsure, but smarter than the rest.

Tirza staring in from the outside, watching chick behavior.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Beauty

Lydia has continued her love of dancing.  Last September she gained entrance to the local classical ballet school with Ms Diane.  She started again in the ballet 1 class and has excelled in her form and French ballet terms.  She loves to take the stage.  She had the opportunity to be a horse in the Beauty and the Beast Ballet.  The weekend was full of ballet dress rehearsal and four performances back to back.  Lydia's energy did not wane.  She only commented wistfully that she wished her dance was longer and that the seats in the audience were fuller.  She would like to pursue summer classes, and she already has her sights set on the Nutcracker.

Dancers after the finale, hanging out on stage.

A pretty little pony.

Family Picture after last performance.

Beauty and the Beast keepsakes... dancer signed on the back of the wooden hearts.

Lydia loved the make-up along with everything other aspect of being in the ballet.

Father's Day Sunday

Marshal and his babies growing up.

Father-Daughter reading "I love you" cards at the breakfast table.

Father and Son
Sunday was a busy day.  We went out to breakfast for a special Father's Day treat.  Gabe and Marshal went on a road trip to the most recently opened and closest Cabela's, shopping the Father's Day specials in the afternoon.  The evening was front and center tickets for the Beauty and the Beast Ballet!

Candid Kids

Lydia after Friday night dress rehearsal for the ballet.

A great grin!

Gabe and Feathered Friends

Our beautiful growing chicks.

The caretaker with his chicks.

Mmmm.  Worms and grubs are the chick treats that the gals are missing right now while Gabe is away.

Boy and his dog.

Sitting on the grass, we noticed the Chestnut-backed Chickadees tending their own brood.  Papa bird had a big dragonfly.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

An Overcast Day in June

Sheba's profile with her ears perked up and forward.  It is such a handsome look for a Lab.

Afternoon Reading.  I'm always glad to see Gabe voluntarily reading for fun.


Tirza had a bath today.  She smells like lavender.

Cows on the move.

Pastoral View

Curious cows on the fence.

Patterned faces.

Pretty young heifer I think.

Sheba keeping the cows in check.

Alternate garden view.

Sheba's sleek form... might have something to do with her grain free diet.  Wish I could say it is a raw diet with lots of meaty bones, but it's not.  Maybe in the future when we live close to the local business of cutting and wrapping the farmers' beef.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Little Catcher

This Little League catcher caught our hearts.  Both Marshal and I think he is the coolest catcher ever.  He started out the season thinking the catcher position was his least favorite.  But by the end, catching and pitching were both favorites.  The D-Backs finished their last game of the season on a beautiful evening last night... almost.  They had to play the eighth inning tonight, as they were stale mated at the close of the seventh inning with a 7 run tie with their opponents, the Rockies.  The umps called it a night, as the play had far surpassed the 2 1/2 hour time rule, and stated that the last inning would have to be played tomorrow.  They had to break the tie as it was a last tourney for the championship game.  Tonight we conceded the championship to the Rockies.  They are the team we are rooting for to take the trophy tomorrow night.  We'll have to go cheer them on.  They beat us tonight with four runs to our zero in the eighth.  But to us they are the champion team to beat; we beat them once before this season; and we gave them a run for their money last night.

#1 batter here is George, an all star, and a friend.  Gabe was excited to print this shot and plans to give it to George tomorrow.  George struck us out tonight, by the way.

In-field huddle with head coach Phil.