Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Little Catcher

This Little League catcher caught our hearts.  Both Marshal and I think he is the coolest catcher ever.  He started out the season thinking the catcher position was his least favorite.  But by the end, catching and pitching were both favorites.  The D-Backs finished their last game of the season on a beautiful evening last night... almost.  They had to play the eighth inning tonight, as they were stale mated at the close of the seventh inning with a 7 run tie with their opponents, the Rockies.  The umps called it a night, as the play had far surpassed the 2 1/2 hour time rule, and stated that the last inning would have to be played tomorrow.  They had to break the tie as it was a last tourney for the championship game.  Tonight we conceded the championship to the Rockies.  They are the team we are rooting for to take the trophy tomorrow night.  We'll have to go cheer them on.  They beat us tonight with four runs to our zero in the eighth.  But to us they are the champion team to beat; we beat them once before this season; and we gave them a run for their money last night.

#1 batter here is George, an all star, and a friend.  Gabe was excited to print this shot and plans to give it to George tomorrow.  George struck us out tonight, by the way.

In-field huddle with head coach Phil.

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