Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Husband

Marshal has been working hard every spare moment to make this home for us these last three months. He has done a tremendous job.
Just had to include the photo of the thawing pumpkins that Marshal picked up with the kids earlier this fall.

There he is teaching his cousins a new game, Sequence.
Marshal hung light fixtures, cleaned out the rooms, brought in furniture, and arranged it for me on Thanksgiving day, so we could feast in the growing beauty and ambiance of our home.

Thanksgiving Snow

We had a morning Thanksgiving snow just right for making snowmen. It was warm enough for Gabe to play in all day. We know what Gabe was thankful for. It was a Thanksgiving blessing just for him.
Gabe made snowmen greeters at the entrance to the driveway that lasted just long enough to greet cousins Steve and Gary for Thanksgiving dinner.
Gabe and one of his snowmen at the entrance with his Mt Baker snow fort behind in front of storage container.
Gabe worked on "Mt Baker for several days when the snow was featherlight powder, scraping and piling it with the snow shovel. Today it was packable, and the giant mountain became his fort.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cold Sunshine

Sunrise from the Bedroom Window
Cold Clear Day - High of 24ºF
Swan Lake in our Backyard. Wonderful to Watch through the Binocs! Counted 72 Swans today! May indeed be Trumpeters.
Late afternoon shadows.

Yesterday's Snow

Cold Cattle off the Deck.
Powder Snow at the Front Gate
Handsome Husband Home Early Due to White Roads

Monday, November 22, 2010

Looking Through the Glass

First snow on the Island for us, dry and cold. The snow started late morning after waking to a cold, bright morning. It is a surprise, because the majority of clouds bypassed us and more sun than precipitation in the forecast. Kids are out now kicking up the snow in poofs, throwing the powder at Sheba. I'll have to bundle up with the camera. We aren't accustomed to 26ºF temps!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

November Saturday

Cold day with sunshine. Dumpster left last week with the months of re-construction debris.
Marshal gave the grass a late fall cutting/mulching before the snow flies. He asked me who the burglar was in the back yard upon seeing this photo. You see the wood pile behind that we are cutting deeply into already. We've had the house cozy with wood heat exclusively. The duct cleaning service is coming on Monday so we can use the forced-air furnace on occasion.

Gorgeous morning, gorgeous day, gorgeous evening. Mt Baker is snow white.
Great white birds, bright white, their wings catching the first morning light, have congregated on the water all day. I thought maybe snow geese or something. Learned from my dear neighbor on facebook that it is the annual return of Swan families! Indeed. We watched them through the binoculars this evening. Their graceful long necks in mated pairs. Groupings were head down, bottoms up, feeding in the water.
Trying to capture a semblance of this amazing sight. Mt Baker blushing pink and the moon so grand and full. The moon was close enough to lasso in real life.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Old-Fashioned Breakfast

Gabe was bemoaning the power outage this morning and what he was going to eat for breakfast! The glories of wood heat and an old stove that has a flat top!
Don't you love the shot of the rubber boot insoles next to the plate? We had a storm night before last, and the kids' boots next to the front door filled with rain water and leaves in a matter of minutes! The boots have been trying to dry out ever since!
I already had the soaked whole wheat kefir pancake batter, whipped up this morning. There was some organic Applewood bacon thawed in the fridge and our farm fresh eggs from our own hens. The kids were dancing and giggling with the unroutine style of making breakfast. Everything tasted better than ever!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Carhart Kids

I thought the kids were looking pretty cute in their Carhart duds yesterday. Gabe gave Lydia one of his outgrown camo hats that she was pleased about.
This was also an excuse to show off the new window trim model. Cousin Steve hung this window trim on Saturday and has been cutting and painting trim to hang pre-finished. All the trim for that window came from "one" hemlock 2x12 from Home depot. What a gift to us to have a gifted, resourceful cousin!
Pretty window framing pretty weeping willow.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Attic Rooms

The kids' rooms are closest to finished in the house. They just need some baseboard trim, Lydia some attic eve doors, updated electrical outlets would be nice, and lighting.
Lydia's dreamy new room. She slept like a princess last night!

The Sleeping Princess

Lydia has new Ikea furniture, the bed and chest of drawers.

Gabe in his new room, on his former bunk, converted to twins.

Gabe sorted out and shelved his collections in the open closet, chest of drawers and shelves. His favorite collection is jets right now.

Bird Feeder

Marshal's bird feeder getting some action! :-)

A large flock of red wing blackbirds flew in, followed by a small flock of crows. They filled the apple trees, the fence line, swooped overhead like a swarm, and rested in the weeping willow on the other side of the house for a bit. I tried to catch some of the racket on camera below.