Friday, June 30, 2017

Wild Yard

It wasn't easy to let it go for Marshal, but I said, "Please let the yarrow bloom before you mow."  I was able to gather a basket of blooms along with some comfrey.  Now what to do?
Marshal has mowed the yard to his relief.  "So much better...."  I kind of like the wild though.

The yard is solid yarrow.  I like the spongy softness as a lawn actually!

Black-eyed Susans about to open.

Farm and Garden Perenials

June Morning

Lydia buttering spelt toast.


5 minute soft boiled eggs

Gabe's free-range hens produce orange yolks!

Baseball and Ballet

Gabe came to the end of baseball season and Lydia, the dance academy's ballet year, in June.

Gabe joined a newly formed local Babe Ruth team in Glenwood.  They received a commendation award trophy for the most improved team at the end of the season, as they formed and played against many odds.  Gabe had fun dusting off his glove, realizing he needed all new baseball gear to outfit his long body, and working back into a position on the mound.  He chose a number 77 Glenwood Springers Jersey, and looked smart on the Steelhead Ranch sponsored team.

Lydia completed a school year in a 7/8 ballet class with an additional pointe class twice a week.  She loved dancing en pointe.  She said, "Mom, it feels so amazing to be dancing without touching the ground!"  She missed her classical ballet training very much with Miss Diane in Whidbey Island.  The driving distance to find something comparable is too much at present, and Lydia has decided to take a break from ballet for now.  She has committed to try her legs at running cross-country with her dad and brother this next fall.  Practice for that starts now!

Lydia's two dances for the spring recital were beautiful and a "breath of fresh air" in the realm of dance.
Mother/Daughter dinner for two on Saturday between shows.
Second from the right on toe - so beautiful in Milieu de Faust.

A rose for each dance from her teacher Ms. Nancy.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Anniversary '17

Drove me to the ocean for our anniversary!
Yaquina Bay Bridge at Newport.  Marshal and I explored the tide pools, crossed this bridge to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, saw the Undersea Gardens and Wax Museum at Newport all in a day with our middle school class field trip nearly four decades ago!  We didn't do all that this time.  Save it for when we have the kids with us, but fun to have the shared memories that go way back beyond 17 years!
Nye Beach, Newport
Not a nimble boulderer like my husband.
Hip and Modern Selfies!

Marshal surprised me with the location and place to stay.  He found a room with a view and sound of the ocean, a whole third floor on top of the world, with a private balcony.  The Grand Victorian with afternoon appetizers and dessert as well as breakfast.

The BEST "Craigslist" shopper.  Where did you think he found an ad for this unique place?

Historic Bay District for Dinner
Best Seafood at LocalOcean

Sunset with a Chocolate Velvet Cupcake
Morning grounding.  Barefoot walk in the sand.

And I even found a painted rock 3/4 buried in the sand at the base of the beach access, painted by Liz from Bend Rocks.
But the greatest treasure that came home with me is the man who sticks with me through thick and thin and works so hard to make me happy.  Love him.