Sunday, June 4, 2017

Anniversary '17

Drove me to the ocean for our anniversary!
Yaquina Bay Bridge at Newport.  Marshal and I explored the tide pools, crossed this bridge to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, saw the Undersea Gardens and Wax Museum at Newport all in a day with our middle school class field trip nearly four decades ago!  We didn't do all that this time.  Save it for when we have the kids with us, but fun to have the shared memories that go way back beyond 17 years!
Nye Beach, Newport
Not a nimble boulderer like my husband.
Hip and Modern Selfies!

Marshal surprised me with the location and place to stay.  He found a room with a view and sound of the ocean, a whole third floor on top of the world, with a private balcony.  The Grand Victorian with afternoon appetizers and dessert as well as breakfast.

The BEST "Craigslist" shopper.  Where did you think he found an ad for this unique place?

Historic Bay District for Dinner
Best Seafood at LocalOcean

Sunset with a Chocolate Velvet Cupcake
Morning grounding.  Barefoot walk in the sand.

And I even found a painted rock 3/4 buried in the sand at the base of the beach access, painted by Liz from Bend Rocks.
But the greatest treasure that came home with me is the man who sticks with me through thick and thin and works so hard to make me happy.  Love him.

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