Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day and Peter Pan

Dad coaxed us on the deck for a mother-daughter photo op.

Me and My Dad on Father's Day.

Beautiful Mom with beautiful flowers, arriving to evening performance of Peter Pan.

Marshal entered the building with a rather large boutonniere.  He was prepared with the most gorgeous bouquet, determined to get it right this time around, not being remiss on the flowers.  He bought them at the Hedlin Farmstand in La Connor.

Little pirate to the right rear stage stole the show for Grandpa and the rest of us, I admit.

Lydia with Daddy's flowers.

Braided dreadlocks.

2013 Peter Pan

Grandpa and Grammy were there!

Annual family portrait in front of the stage.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dressing Room of Peter Pan

It felt like 60 hours in the dressing room, but alas it was about 11 for me and 17 for Lydia this weekend.  She loves every minute of being in the ballet.  Such a privilege to live here with this ballet conservatory, The Ballet Slipper.  Lydia was a star and a pirate in Peter Pan.  The pirate role gave her a good amount of stage time, and she learned that she loves to act as well as dance.
Starlight in Peter Pan

Backstage Pirate ready to go take some captives in Neverland.


I braided her pony tail in 7 small braids that she took down from the ballerina bun for the 2nd Act pirate of the last show.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June Anniversary

Yesterday was our anniversary.  Knowing Monday would be a busy day, we "anniversarized" ourselves all weekend - Space Needle, checking out the Mother Earth News Fair in Puyallup, meals out.  A new ring for my finger...  Marshal thought I deserved one to remember him by in the upcoming year of his absence.  A reminder wrapped around my finger, although he is truly always wrapped around my heart.
Monday evening was full of a blue and red hot, exciting baseball game.  I updated last post with a few more photos.  Then we had a late dinner, looked at video re-runs of the game that I'd recorded, ate some egg custard and strawberries for dessert, and finally had a quiet moment to ourselves to exchange cards when the kids went to bed super late.
Kids in their pjs for dinner with Dad and Mom after the game.

Quick meal of grilled rib steaks, asparagus/leek soup, garden salad, and vine ripened tomato slices.

Had Lydia take some snapshots.  We were made for one another.  XX

Gabe wouldn't stay out of the pictures.  Cropped him out of the one above!

Good choice 13 years ago, choosing one another.

Our candlelight moment to share our cards at 11pm!  Too late even for chocolate.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Spring Baseball Season at a Close

Dodger Line Up.  I have my eye on Number 16.

This team was loaded with pitchers.  Gabe got to help out the team on the mound occasionally, when the team needed to throw some strikes.  Otherwise, he was a right fielder, catching fly balls, slugging at the plate, running bases, and stealing home.
We are at the end of the season in tournament games.

Got their 2013 Little League medallions today.

My Major Leaguer
June 4th update:  Still playing this season!  Dodgers won their second tournament game last night.  Gabe opened the game as pitcher.  He pitched the first half of the game.  He only pitched one ball out of 10 pitches in the first inning.  Second much the same.  Lots of hits.  Fielders were on the ball and got runners out at second base.  Gabe made a tag at home plate in the third inning.  He was tagged in the ribs himself by a hit and got the runner out at first in another play!
Dodger Number 16

Practice wind-up.  Notice practice ball coming in top right.

Perfect pitch.


Post-game team huddle.

Last Days of May Garden

Gabe insisted that I take this of the cow bird.  Butter cup yellow background.

Friendship Lettuce.  Gift from Sue growing in the garden bed.

Marshal bought me a birdbath at the Ace Hardware Memorial Day sale.

Happy on the Deere.

Weeping to the ground.

Touch of Wisteria

Moved the 1950's granary to its final resting place.

Sheared Biddy and Dolly!  They are finally friendly with each other again in their summer cuts.

Biddy looking healthy.  No lambs this spring.

On the Needle

Grandma and Grandpa gave us an excuse to go into Seattle this weekend.  Marshal took a day of leave to take them to the cruise terminal for a trip to Alaska.  I suggested we take the kids to the Space Needle since we were just a mile or two from it.
Looking at Grandpa and Grandma's ship.  A "Wheedle on the Needle's" view.

Fancy braid by Grandma and the Seattle skyline.

Needle in a new coat of white after the 50 Anniversary gold.