Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June Anniversary

Yesterday was our anniversary.  Knowing Monday would be a busy day, we "anniversarized" ourselves all weekend - Space Needle, checking out the Mother Earth News Fair in Puyallup, meals out.  A new ring for my finger...  Marshal thought I deserved one to remember him by in the upcoming year of his absence.  A reminder wrapped around my finger, although he is truly always wrapped around my heart.
Monday evening was full of a blue and red hot, exciting baseball game.  I updated last post with a few more photos.  Then we had a late dinner, looked at video re-runs of the game that I'd recorded, ate some egg custard and strawberries for dessert, and finally had a quiet moment to ourselves to exchange cards when the kids went to bed super late.
Kids in their pjs for dinner with Dad and Mom after the game.

Quick meal of grilled rib steaks, asparagus/leek soup, garden salad, and vine ripened tomato slices.

Had Lydia take some snapshots.  We were made for one another.  XX

Gabe wouldn't stay out of the pictures.  Cropped him out of the one above!

Good choice 13 years ago, choosing one another.

Our candlelight moment to share our cards at 11pm!  Too late even for chocolate.

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