Monday, April 30, 2012

Indoor Picnic

Monday evening on a rainy day, indoors at the table, but it looks like a summer picnic to me.  What's for dinner?  Grass-fed beef dog (German sausage), home-made sauerkraut, home-made fermented ketchup, Bubbies pickle relish, Dijon French mustard (Trader Joe's), coconut oil and sea salt kale chips, raw vegetables with lima bean hummus.  The hummus was pre-made last week, so this plate was a quick and easy compilation for a Monday night after a full day of household chores, home-school, and more.  Fun and yum.

Pouting Fisherman

Opening weekend for fishing lakes and streams, Gabe pleaded both days to ply his rod.  We all hiked down to a local lake on Sunday afternoon.  Going home without a bite, and this little fisherman can not abide with that.

Flowering Cherry

This pink bower, bursting with blooms, catches my approving eye from the kitchen window throughout the day.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Our portrait today, thanks to our dearest neighbor, Sue.  We made time for tea in the afternoon.  Something we are intent on making at least a biweekly habit.  It has been a longtime desire of mine.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Marshal's Escape

Marshal announced that he needed some vacation therapy.  His therapy is to hunt (and it's wild turkey season), turn a tiller in the soil, prune some trees, mow grass, dream of being a real farmer, and launch a boat on the lake for a bit of fishing to boot.  So he took leave, and I went along.  :-)
 I've had a love for violets, their short wild bloom and delicate fragrance wafting on the breeze, or picking a real little nosegay to bury my own nose in, ever since I was a child and they appeared like a gift under the bank of holly trees for my March birthday.  My sister sent me the same little blooms all the way from South Central Asia this birthday, pressed in an envelope - such sweetness.  And what a delightful surprise to arrive at the farm last week and find those nostalgic wild violets blooming EVERYWHERE throughout the yard, front, back, sides - just for me!   Lylla must have loved them as much as I do in the spring.  I wouldn't allow Marshal to cut the lawn.

A wonderful line up of sunshine even on a cloudy day, daffodils, my true birth flower, planted along the wall.

A rainbow on our land of promise.  Think I'm being wooed to call this home?

Mr and Mrs Bluebird were starting to nest just outside the front window.  We awoke our first morning to their fluttering about with nesting intentions.  Hopefully our unexpected visit didn't dissuade them from the front and center location.

Our fishing expedition became more of a boating expedition to Gabe's dismay.  He was all bummed out, not a bite, no noteworthy activity on the fish finder.

Trying not to smile, but Dad had been harassing and tickling him.  The real fish story took place after we trailered the boat and drove it up the ramp out of the lake.  Gabe saw a big fish jump right off the end of the ramp.  He ran and grabbed a pole with flashy lure and cast it just off shore between the boats entering and exiting the ramp.  Within a minute he was trying to hold and reel, yelling, "Dad, I got one!  It's a big one!"  With much excitement, Gabe trying to hold it, loosening the drag instead of tightening it, and finally reeling it through the reeds, Marshal got it scooped out with a fishing net.  We had a handful of marveling fishermen shaking their heads and laughing at the catch.  One new arrival said he'd go park his boat and try shore fishing instead!  So, Gabe got his fish, an 18" rainbow trout.  It must have been 6-8 inches wide in the middle.  The fish didn't fit in my largest frying pan with its head off!

Lydia growing out of her life jacket.

I brought this second hand patchwork quilt with me, dreaming of this scene, green grass, sunshine, blanket, cuddle dog, binoculars, and a good book.  (I was reading a good book, that bestseller:  The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.)

The fragrance of violets on the gentle breeze that blew through my let down hair surpassed my imaginings.

More violets in the lawn at the edge of my blanket.  And I did manage to have my leisure after cleaning out all the flower beds and garden.  Asparagus spears are just bursting from the soil.  Strawberries, raspberries, celery, rhubarb, roses, and so many perennials in the border beds are now free to grow their stalks, vines, and leaves, bud, blossom, and fruit.

Wild Turkey Hunters

Marshal and Gabe coming off the hill in the evening sun.

Boy coming home from the hunt.

This is man therapy.  Doesn't he look happy?

Story to tell.  Turkey made a bust.

Lydia borrowing brother's camo.

Lydia can look tough too.  She says she is ready to hunt some turkey.

Humongous Egg

One of our hens laid a whopper, poor gal.

One egg breakfast for two.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Beautiful Resurrection Sunday

Today was the loveliest of days.  The sunshine, so beautiful, beckoned early padding of feet up and down the hall.  How could you not rise without a smile and joy on such a morn?  Sibling quibbles were quelled quickly, as how could one squabble on such a day?  This day we remember the greatest Love of all, Jesus Christ, laying down His life for friend and foe, His full redemption, His satisfying perfect justice, His infinite mercy and compassion toward us, His overwhelming forgiveness, and His resurrection power.  He is risen!  Today we were exhorted to believe in His resurrection.  Are we ready?  He is our Risen Lord and Hope.  He is, He was, and He is to come."  Believe in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus, and believe in Him in the coming resurrection."  And again I say, rejoice!"
Kids got a lot of Easter in today, minus the candy.
Hens stepped up production.  Beautiful Eggs.

Natural dyes, red cabbage, tumeric, spinach/chlorella, beet kvass.

Removing the eggs after dyeing overnight in fridge.

Colored eggs this morning before breakfast and Sunday service.

Gabe and Lydia bought one another gifts of their choosing.  Lydia asked for a big pack of crayons.  She is drawing a Happy Easter note for Mom.

Lydia's gift to Gabe - a snap together jet model.

Finished.  (They were up with the sun this morning.)

Lydia growing up, but not too old for Easter basket anticipation.

Candy alternatives - inedible agates.

Lydia picked these out at Costco.  Ready for swim lessons again?

Fools Gold.  Gabe was delighted but not fooled.

Breakfast - Like a Finish oven pancake with almond flour batter poured over baked pears.  A new family favorite.

Here we are.  Gabe is our photographer.

Lydia was so excited to have curls today.

Marshal home all day undisturbed with the duty phone.

Gorgeous warm day.  Lunch/snack on the deck in the sunshine.

Kite served as our weather/wind vane which came in handy for rocket launching today!

Gabe and Tigey

Animal Devotion

Serving lamb, turnips, and artichoke with homemade mayo and mint sauce.  Marshal grilled and cut the butterflied leg of lamb.  Lydia helped me juice the citrus for sparkling water.

A lovely candid.

Moved the table, progressive dinner, to the sunny side.  Loved the ambiance with the sheep in the background, French countryside or something.  Handsome hubby fit "the look" totally.

Lydia brings in the cake.

Lid's off; time for cake!  We made the "Ulla" Finnish Birthday cake with almond flour and honey instead of sugar and white flour.  It was perfect.

Lydia had her hands in the cake production.  She arranged the fruit.  She had arranged the banana, kiwi, and strawberries so beautifully on the middle layer that I didn't want to cover it.  I think she has a future in cake decorating.

His look says, Mmmm.  This was after our first serving.  We all had two and had a difficult time leaving enough for tomorrow.  Marshal made us promise to save it 'til he gets home.