Sunday, May 9, 2010

Creative Kids

"Mom. Look. I just made a hat!"
Lydia has the headset! Their activity while I was blogging.

Mother's Day

Coming home from church this Mother's Day, Marshal driving, all together, children in the back seat. As we sat at the table, Marshal looked pointedly at Gabe, and then pointedly at Lydia, declaring to me, "You're a mother!" It's fun to state the obvious as if its an outstanding new realization. Marshal likes to do that, and it always gives me pause and a smile, whether its the statement, "You're married!" or "You're a mom!" I say, "Yes" with a smile, but frequently think, "Wow!" After a decade of being a single young woman, I knew I wouldn't take having a loving spouse or children for granted. They are truly a gift from the Lord. Not a gift earned or deserved. Just a free gift. I knew that if I never received these gifts, my life could still be full and complete....but "Wow!"

Being Six!

Lydia ready to hip-hop for a six year old "Hannah Montana" themed birthday party on Saturday. She was so excited! She might have been the only six year old who had never heard of Hannah Montana and couldn't karaoke any lyrics, but that didn't matter at all. She is confident in her six year old skin, even though she painted her own nails with her Klutz kit nail paint, wore her second hand jacket and flip flops, and had a grand time jumping and twirling with an inflatable mic on the patio with her peers. Parties with cake and presents are the ultimate excitement all by themselves.
Another milestone that she is sharing with exuberance and shining eyes... just last week, she pulled out her first top front tooth!