Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lilac Scent

"Liquid Sunshine" and Lilacs after a May Thunderstorm

Loving Lilacs in Bloom

Planting the Garden

Mastering a garden that plants itself!  Tender lettuce and chard is self seeded.  The yellow blooms are turnip greens.  Marshal brought back some starts from Mom and planted them in a row too. 
Lydia helped Dad plant and drop seeds in the soft tilled soil.

Serious Sower

Crab Apple in Bloom

I love this frivolous "fruit" tree, especially this time of year.  Eye candy for me, and the birds and bees love it too.
Columbine burst in bloom in unison.
Blossoming swags sway in the wind.
Like Confetti

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


May 8th, we had a community mushroom foraging class.  We all came away inspired with the mysterious world of fungi, and the hidden earthy treasures to be found around us.  My dad went home to find them planted in his garden within the wood chips.  No time for foraging here, but look what we had for dinner....
Seasonal local mushroomer, Hippy Dave, brought me this gift to the clinic.

Family-raised grass-fed cube steak, wild morels from the forest with butter, wine, and cut chive from the yard, and garden chard from Grandma Ruth who came yesterday to buy Gabe's chicks!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May Days

Yesterday morning was thick with frost, but this morning is just chilly and wet.  There is a faint rainbow over the spring field.  Marshal coaxed and pulled the kids out of bed for "boot camp."  They are back from their run and morning exercise drill.  I'm scurrying around with camera, my robe flapping around my lower bare legs and feet, as I find a mid-may picture.
Marshal's Raspberries

Marshal brought me home Costco geraniums for the window box.  Gabe is cutting the grass with the push mower from the annual Labor Day weekend rummage sale.

Travis planted the field.

I love Forget Me Nots.
Lydia baked rhubarb dream bars tonight.
Oregano growing like a wild carpet in the yard.

Chard and lettuce coming up in clumps from last summer's plants gone to seed.

We enjoyed a pound of tender, sweet asparagus from the patch.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day Forget Me Nots from the garden, Rosemary from Mom, and cards from my children.
Mother's Day was wet and chilly.  Lydia made Finnish Oven Pancake with strawberry, kiwi, banana and scrambled eggs on the side.  She set the table pretty for breakfast, and Grammy and Grandpa joined us before church.  After church, we reconvened at home with a cheery fire in the fireplace and stayed cozy.  Meg came over with the non-nappers for the afternoon, and it was a lovely time of moms and daughters with all the big and little menfolk, tea, soup, muffins, and movie.

Violets in April