Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May Days

Yesterday morning was thick with frost, but this morning is just chilly and wet.  There is a faint rainbow over the spring field.  Marshal coaxed and pulled the kids out of bed for "boot camp."  They are back from their run and morning exercise drill.  I'm scurrying around with camera, my robe flapping around my lower bare legs and feet, as I find a mid-may picture.
Marshal's Raspberries

Marshal brought me home Costco geraniums for the window box.  Gabe is cutting the grass with the push mower from the annual Labor Day weekend rummage sale.

Travis planted the field.

I love Forget Me Nots.
Lydia baked rhubarb dream bars tonight.
Oregano growing like a wild carpet in the yard.

Chard and lettuce coming up in clumps from last summer's plants gone to seed.

We enjoyed a pound of tender, sweet asparagus from the patch.

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