Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter Eggs

Hen-Dyed Easter Eggs
I steam cooked a bowl of eggs for Easter, and it was so successful, that I did it again.  Night before Easter, a friend timely posted on Facebook, a recipe for perfect "hard-boiled" eggs that PEEL.  It works.  Bring a pot of water to rolling boil.  Put eggs in steamer basket with lid.  Steam for 20 minutes.  The bright yellow yolks were perfect!  Have an ice bath ready and plunge steamed eggs into the ice water to cool completely.  They peel beautifully.  These eggs were so fresh that they hadn't yet been in the fridge from the nesting box.  Warning, shells may adhere again if eggs dry out.  Recently viewed a secondary tip, that keeping the eggs moist keeps them peeling most easily.  Might keep in a dish of water in the refrigerator for future easy peeling.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Eggs and Puppy Dogs

Basket in hand, waiting for the "Go!"

Having a minute or two of scrambling fun!

Basket of eggs but no golden winner.  Gabe at 12 knows his community egg hunts are numbered.  Lydia was at ballet rehearsal.

Comfort puppies from IKEA following our trip to SeaTac last week.  They hid with bows on and a Coconut Secret candy bar on Easter morning.  We celebrated Easter with Worship, resurrection account and teaching, witnessing two more baptisms in the pond, and dinner and fellowship with friends!  A good day!

Seder on Good Friday

Our Family School moms put together a special Seder for us.  Celebrating Yeshua throughout.

Hand Washing

The Lamb of God was sacrificed at Passover and stated, "It is finished."  Such a marvel to see the fulfillment unfold in all the elements of Passover.  At His birth, to whom did the angels announce His coming?  The Bethlehem shepherds tending the flocks for temple sacrifice.  What was the sign?  Wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger as was the custom of the first born lambs to keep them from spot or blemish.

Spring Happening

God's creation following its design without any cultivation on my part.
Rosemary in bloom and late fall planter making a comeback.

Hydrangea was a a few sticks a month ago, bleeding heart and hostas buried in the ground.

My favorite of lilac buds, volunteer bulbs, and a robin setting on eggs in the corner under the eve.
Friendship rhubarb start from the neighbor stuck in the ground a year ago.
Apple blossoms with a blur of pink in the background.

April Drama

Rainbow after the rainstorm last Thursday evening with a P-3 Orion flying in.

Cool Cloud Formations

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Holding on to Tulip Town

Enjoying three bunches of tulip beauty all week.

Loved this creamy white with the blue!

So pretty in the kitchen window!
Even my bouquet tells me that the week is done, and vibrant joy has faded into bittersweet departure.
Back to collecting seashells.

Still pretty in their withering state.

Last Day - Sunshine and Leisure

Last full day together, my morning view from the bedroom upon waking.
Gabe found a Frisbee Golf Park for Dad!  He was so happy!

Where'd it go?  Marshal's a pro of course.

It's all about who gets it in first!

They are all winners.

Late Calf

Marshal spotted the last and latest newborn calf, and the eagles spotted the afterbirth later in the day.  Trio of eagles right off the deck.

White cow and calf.  Cow wary and protective of her calf.  She bawled, and another white cow came in eventually and tossed her head, shooing off the eagles.

Paint Your World

With Marshal's family here, we went to a local ceramic shop and painted our own plates and bowls.  We picked up the fired projects on Sunday so that we could enjoy Sunday soup with them.
So much fun!  Marshal painted the blue for me, although I gave the matching floral touch.  Was in the Navy Exchange on Monday and saw that the retro red and blue are the Martha Stewart kitchen colors currently!  Could have bought a dozen kitchen accessories in the colors.

Our Mexican chicken tortilla soup feast.  Fiesta!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Annual Tulip Town

The wonder of God's design of color and how it stirs the soul.
He didn't pick it!

Marshal captured my smile.

Lydia in camouflage.
Among the Ile de France tulips.


Father - Son
Gabe and Lu

Couldn't resist the mud completely.

How to drink in such a sight and hold onto it?

Island Outing on a Sunny Day

Fort Casey

That's Marshal checking out the rifling.


I staged this shot with the lawn daisies.

Family strung out in the sun.