Thursday, November 21, 2013

Military Angels

I am being spoiled as a military spouse!  Thank you to my angels!  Cards, cards everywhere, and yesterday I received a Thanksgiving bouquet delivered to the door.  Flowers for me?  It must be some mistake.  Nope.  Had my name on it!  Thank you!

Busy Kids

Busy Mom, Busy Kids.  What do my kids do all day when Mom's not keeping them otherwise engaged?
Bernie is smiling over his new pillow.

Ipod Touch Cover

More duct tape thanks to birthday gifts and dollar store for some cheap red.

Paper Origami

Decorative Firecracker

Monday, November 4, 2013

November Adornments

My colorful corn collection from Case Farm.

My welcome wreath.

I'm quite pleased with it.  I had the little corns and ribbon in saved decor and wrapping collections.  I studied my mom's bow to create my own.  Find the little bird camouflaged right in.

Lydia has something new.