Monday, May 11, 2015

Mom's Day

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pretty House

Magnificent spring green of the willow and welcoming perfume of wisteria.

Red-Osier Dogwood and Boxwoods filling out.

New pink azaleas heavy with the weight of blossoms and the forsythia growing wildly.

Pretty deck, thanks to my mom's vision and cousin's skill, took in the winter weather well.

"Sun" day Hike

Beautiful sunshine opened the month of May.  Sunday was a perfect day for listening to the Lord, soaking up sun, and going for a hike in the late afternoon.  Marshal has recently run all the trails in Deception Pass and took us to one of his favorites.  Gabe has become obsessed with birding and has his eyes completely in the trees and shrubbery.  Both Gabe and Lydia impressed me with their sudden knowledge of bird identification in both sound and sight.  They would recognize the song and then find the bird.  I never would have thought there were so many different birds out there, and for differentiating and recognizing their tweets?!
I did recognize that one!  Bald Eagle

Passionate in whatever they do.

On top of Goose Rock.  Trekking poles helped my knees on the way down.

Villagers in Frozen Preview

Lydia's Ballet Slipper studio is performing Frozen this June.  They gave a little preview at our community Holland Happenings celebration.
Lydia Center

Pretty Poise in Back

Village Dance