Sunday, January 26, 2014

Paleo Comfort Food

Barbecue Beef on Buns and Coleslaw

Lydia blended together easy-peasy barbecue sauce, and we slow-cooked brisket in it all day in the crockpot.  I made a batch of "Against All Grain" buns with ground cashews and almond flour.  Easier than yeasted buns by far.  Whipped up some coleslaw without any pre-made ingredients.  This was our second night with the barbecue and buns leftovers.  We had a broccoli-slaw the night before.  Not a processed ingredient in sight, all-American, not time-consuming, and hit the spot.

January Spring

Primroses blooming through the winter mulch.

Purple greets the blue sky days.  Feels like spring around here.  The buds and early blooms and bulbs agree.

The Best Entertainment...

...Is Still a Cardboard Box!

Marshal sent surprise bean bags as gifts to the kids.  They are enjoying their bean bags and had fun for days with the boxes.

Raised Roof and Window

Gabe Hung Curtains

Napping Fort

Eventually the Monster was Slain after a Long Wrestling/Rolling Match.

Raw Experiment

First Fun with Dry Ice


Promised Tirza a Raw Diet in the New Year.  This one comes from Kettle Falls!

January Cheer

A friendly surprise bouquet cheers the home on a January day!

Thank you Bridge Christian Family for the beauty.