Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bubble Gum Bubbles!

"Gabe and Lydia learned to do bubble gum!" Gabe's words.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last (And First) Ballet Class

Back at home, let's take photos before the leotards, tights, and tutus come off! Lydia was able to bring a friend to her last ballet class of the year. Cousin Rheanne came with her new tutu. While it was a last day for Lydia, it was a first introduction for Rheanne. They both had fun dancing pretty, and we moms delight in our little girls!

Classical Repertoire

Lydia completed her ballet year with a June performance at the local high school auditorium. She loves to dance on stage. She was thrilled to dance without any mistakes this night, Musique des Automates from Coppelia. She received a rose from Grandpa which topped the night. She didn't receive her coveted trophy for perfect attendance, but I told her sorry, she is in the wrong family for that! At home I took some posed snaps with her posy.

Watching Sailing Ships

Last Saturday, Gabe and Grandpa spent half the day on the pier, touring the sailing ships in the harbor. They hoped to join a six man crew of a smaller sailing vessel, but stayed moored due to mechanical difficulties. The girls joined them on the pier for a quick view of the battle scene reenactment with cannons and smoke.

Last Hour with the Goats!

Gabe is holding the 1st time mama goat by the ear so she'll let the kids nurse!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Sailing away on Flag Day. We waved a flag. We wore the colors of our stars and stripes. We watched, Daddy there somewhere, indistinguishable among the matchsticks of "summer whites," underway for a distant homeport. He saw us though on the lonely beach; he waved his white cover. Summer's end will bring him home on the friendly skies. Gabe turned his back and chased wild geese, built hideouts for stranded crab, dug for squirting clams. I photographed some starfish. This is Gabe's favorite spot, but he didn't complain too much when we headed back home this day.

Starfish on the Tideland

First Hand at Milking

We signed up for three weeks of a Wednesday hour goat class. Nothing like bottle feeding silky soft baby goats. Here's a milking lesson. This young doe is just learning to be a milker as well. Amazing to me how naturally compliant goats are to being milked, by novices even! These goats are Nubians and give sweet milk. We took the taste test, and the kids agree!

Latest Family Portrait

We were celebrating... a cafe on a Sunday afternoon. A real splurge to order four separate desserts. Look at the delight on Lydia's face! Gabe, Lydia, and I were gluttons for punishment. We'd insisted Daddy Marshal order his own. How would a little custard and cream pie fill us up?! Somehow we were all satiated and sickened by the sweet before we were done... swallowing mouthfuls of sweet cream, humble pie.

Swinging Under the Willow

Loving the sun dappled, lush green shade of the weeping willow. Gabe and Lydia loving the swinging. A sweet June moment.