Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

"Happy Mother's Day to You...."

Love Notes to Cherish
We took Marshal's Jeep Rangler to new owners at the ferry terminal this afternoon after an enjoyable buffet lunch out at Christopher's in Coupeville.

Lydia Tracks

Bird Track
Heart Rock for Mom

Friday, May 3, 2013

May Morning WalkAbout

The chicks spent their first night in the chicken tractor, and as I went out early to check on them and let them out of the house, I was prompted to return for the camera and walk about in the warm sunshine.  What a glorious spring morning!
Blue Bells and fading Tulip petals.

Busy Bee

Pullets and a rooster perhaps?  First morning out!  Mary, Marin, Marty, Del, and Delta!

Home Depot Saturday Project Bird feeder

Second Feeder among the Apple Blossoms

Surprises me that birds don't go for cranberries.  A string from the Christmas tree....  Maybe the birds detected that they weren't organic?

Looking through the old swing on the apple tree to the neighboring flowering plums.

Lilacs reach to the sky.

Mmmm.... beautiful.

Gabe's still snoozing behind the above window.

Wooly burdened sheep.

Gabe's sunflowers are up in front of the coop of hens.

At the Farm with Family and New Nephew!

I spent days and nights at the farm with Luke and Kim and Leroy!
Boy and pals.  Unfortunately, Sheba and Daisy didn't get along.

Lydia with Cousin Leroy!  Look at that boy at two and a half months old!!

My boy with a feather in his cap.

Luke's Bantam brooder with her chicks.

Little hen house.

Armed and Loaded Carhart kid.

Young Homesteaders

View from the barn looking back.

Algae bloom and reflections on the running spring-fed pond.

Beautiful smiling girl.

Boy with his hunting dog.

Farm being cared for and smoke in the chimney.

Daisy after a gopher.

Red, the rooster's, last day, as he'd gotten too aggressive and made it into the crock pot.

Wearing a turkey feather.

Kim, Leroy, and Luke

Forsythia in bloom.

Fishing among the pussy willows.

No hungry gold fish today!

Leroy taking a morning nap and basking in the light.

Kim, beautiful in the morning and unwrapping her home-baked bread.

Spots of blooming yellow as the daffodils fade.

Raspberries cut back and strung up and the garden chipped.

Asparagus patch coming up.

Gabe is excited about all the varieties of birds that will frequent his future feeder.

Spring blossoms and Luke's stack of firewood in the shed.

Leroy Cub

Mama and Cub

Daddy and Cub, Luke and Leroy

Mighty proud Dad

Sweet Family