Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fun in the Sun

Record heat wave - temps NEARLY reached 80ºF in Deception Pass!  We celebrated with the cool waters of Bowman Bay.

Gabe built a raft.

Looking like a real Huck Finn.

Lydia sporting a new swim dress.
Snagged by Seaweed!

"Snow Tubing" this year in Whidbey.  It was a duo tube, and I neglected snapping photos when Gabe and Lydia were paddling together during the first hour.

Free Float.  Ultimate relaxation.  Dad was in the hospital all day in a windowless room.  Ugh.  We took him dinner and dined al fresco in the courtyard that evening though.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Evening Viewpoint

My handsome man on top of the world.

Mom and Dad - 46 years

Summer Frozen

Miss Diane of her Ballet Slipper Conservatory debuted the ballet of Frozen with her students this June!  At least five months of hard work paid off with a beautiful production enjoyed by all! 

Lydia received the brief lead role as "Medium" Anna.

I volunteer to be in the dressing room for a day.

Ready to dance!
Anticipation mounting to take the stage.
Lydia in Villager dress at the end of the show with Gabe and cousins that traveled the distance with Grammy and Grandpa to watch.
Lydia with Dad.

Both Grandmas and Grandpas in attendance.  Double portion of blessing.

Looking like a Ballerina.

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Celebrated fifteen years...

But you know, our lives intersected forty ago?!

Father-Son Project

Marshal and Gabe put together a "simple" chicken tractor over the weekend.  Didn't turn out as simple and cheap as they had planned, but they created something together that in itself was worth their time.  Gabe made sure to take pictures during the process and was excited to get his pullets in a new condo.

Nesting boxes have pull out separators.

Recycled window and door from the shed.

Just needs paint all around before the weather beats against it next fall/winter.

Pullets are pleased.