Saturday, February 22, 2014

February Saturday Snow

Gabe's Snow Family

Keeping Mom supplied and warm.

Mama Cow and calf running around already tagged.

Gabe's obsession with live bird trapping.

Can't spot any white calves this morning!  I think there is one behind the legs of the most distant cow in the photo.

Nearby excavation provided us with loads of logs - provision of warmth, future healthful anaerobic activity and stress outlet for hubby. :-)  I guess I can put up with the eyesore for that!  I love wood heat.

Finches and Chickadee in the apple tree.

Spring isn't far off.  Potted bulbs.

Comfort Food

A silly photo of Gabe with Lydia's favorite sort of dinner - buttered peas, mashed cauliflower with lots of grass-fed butter and cheddar cheese on top, almond crusted baked white fish sticks.

Friday, February 21, 2014

February Calving

The calves are dropping, blacks and whites, this year.  Gabe announced that a cow was birthing this afternoon, and sure enough, we could view from the window.  This mama cow showed how it is done.  Perfect Miraculous Instinct.
Here is Mama Cow.

Ooh.  Getting Uncomfortable.  "Probably worse than my worst leg ache,"  says Lydia.

Pushing Contraction

This was just the water sack that burst.

Later contractions, head appeared.

Just slipped out; just like that.

Still form on the ground.

Mama cow begins to lick.

There is movement!

Ahhh.  Baby lifts its head.

Newborn Baby Calf.

Nose to nose kiss.

First attempt to rise.

Bites the dust.

Mama Cow continues to encourage to try again.

Another nose kiss.

Mama Cow takes a rest but continues to lick and kiss from lying down.

Calf works to rise again.

On all fours!

Mama gets up as calf has found its legs.

Calf immediately gets into rooting position.

Mama continues to lick as calf works its way towards her udder.

Getting close with Mama Cow's gentle nudge.

That's the way!

Never seen calf up and nursing so quickly and without a dance.  This Mama Cow is a pro.

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Happy Valentine's Day

Lydia is off to Family School with her Valentines.

A Valentine box from a world away arrived at the door on this red letter day.  My marvelous husband knows my pleasure and addiction of collecting sea shells on the sea shore.  He knows my heart best.  He collects me shells as the months pass.  What a reminder of his constant, devoted love on such a day.  Oh, that he would know my love in return in such a way!

Beautiful shells collected for me!

Every shell a thought for me.
Thank you, My Love, for such tokens of beauty.

Grains of white sand....


Valentine Bouquet

1 Corinthians 13 LOVE

Valentine Dinner

Two of My Favorite Valentines!

Blessed Mommy

Cookies and Berry Yogurt Smoothie

Mustaches from Dad!

Plethora of Love

I'm Loved!

Gabe is Loved!

Lydia is Loved!
Sweet tradition that is good for the heart!