Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Pics from Yesterday

Home in Whidbey

New Windows!

Kid Creation! It's even weatherproof.

Frequent Traffic Overhead

Hens of a Feather Flock Together. Oops. Lydia says they are not altogether. Connie is missing! The bare-necked hen in front is not molting or half plucked; she is a Turken.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Then and Now

This is a photo of the front of the house, taken by my mom in the Spring.

Here is a photo today of the same side, slightly different angle, after Marshal's cousin, Steve, put up the window trim. He took wood from our salvage pile, cut and prepainted it before nailing it up. He is one amazing general contractor. All the progress and beauty is mostly due to him. The house was re-roofed last week.

Here is the original sagging roof line of north east section of the house.

Cousin Steve is giving the house a literal face lift. He rose the peak three feet with scissor trusses.

Newly insulated and ventilated roof, complete with bird blocks and fascia board. Steve installed the windows and doors complete with trim in a day. He even had the old garage cedar lapboard re-cut and nailed up! I was impressed!

Then and Now Continued

Carpet ripped out in the Spring.

New set of French doors and added windows.

Took the old laminate to Habitat for Humanity in Mt Vernon.

New windows and doors are in. Old fir flooring from a Seattle salvage, Second Use, installed in the great room.

Before and After

Thought it was a working bath? This is the before. New toilet was operational for a few days until jacking the foundation forced us to disconnect due to leakage. Below is the after!
New window yesterday! Shame you can't see the beauty of it!

Here is the before photo of our secondary bath. This bath has been the faithful working bath in the attic. Toilet got a good pumice stone scrub from Grandma and operates nicely with an occasional plunge.
Same bath now has a cosmetic lift with white paint, new towel bars and light fixtures.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Halfway House

Thanks to our generous brother and sister-in-law and dad who drove it up, we have a safe, construction free zone to sleep and store our personals here at our new address. Liddy is happy at her new home, parked herself in front of the picket below the turning Sumac.

Marshal Is Home!

The man behind the mask, sanding down cabinets.

No welcome home, reunion photos. We took a day to jet lag along with Marshal, doing absolutely nothing but eating, sitting piled on the couch, playing a family board game. And then it was.... how to transition to a house in process in less than three weeks, and what is possible?

Apple Orchard

The old apple orchard at dusk is bearing delicious fruit. I knew I'd be at our new home when the apples fell off the trees. We are not quite in our new home. But we are here. Hardly time for harvesting apples, but have just been able to keep up with the ones falling. Marshal cut up a heavy leaden broken branch, and stacked its logs at the foot of its tree.

The classic wonder tool - peeler, slicer, corer in one from the Country Store. Apples drying, saucing and apple crisp. Yum!

Sunset Behind the Chicken Coop

Our little chicken farmers bring each egg in throughout the day, announcing the new arrival and the name of the laying hen.