Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Special Morning, Rise and Shine

Lydia played the sneaky bunny this morning, and I opened my eyes to this little cotton tail.

Good morning chicks!

Banana Sticky Buns for breakfast.

Scrambled eggs with cheese and grapefruit too.

I handed off the camera.  I was there too!

Ahh... a close up even.

One of the kids took this.  Cool fish bowl pic.

Saturday Fun

What are the odds?  The kids found the golden egg AND the golden ticket.

This was Lydia looking for a golden ticket at a Saturday egg hunt in the city park.

Some downtown ducks in their Easter bonnets.
Home Depot has fun free kids' workshops, first Saturdays and special days.

Check it out if you have a Home Depot close by.  Bug houses here.  Bird feeders next Saturday!

Island Fog

Sunny and bright one moment and cold white fog the next.

Bulbs on right were planted in the sunshine before the fog rolled in.

We drove right into this fog bank after baseball practice on Friday afternoon, dramatic enough for the kids to say, "Whoa!"

Sunday, March 24, 2013


The butterfly pocket held the clue to my birthday number.
Present time.

Blooming bulbs I chose for myself at the nursery.

Cake Lighting

Marshal prompted Gabe to not leave the noise out.

I still have breath, but glad the candles are a "symbolic" number.

2 takes of the cake.  What's the saying, "Eat your heart out?"  Lydia is our little baker.

Birthday Babies

We came home with an unexpected box of tweets.

Three Marans and a Delaware - Marin, Mary, Marty, and Adele.
Brought treasures, chicks and flowers home.  The weeping willow has her spring green.

Trip to the Nursery

 My mom gave me an excuse to visit the fabulous Christianson's Nursery in Skagit County.  We all enjoyed it, and I made a point to wear my camera.  I dream of having one of these conservatory, green houses one day on a very small scale of course, with piped in classical music, wicker furniture, and dove cages!

Cat taking a nap said he would not be disturbed.

Deliciously warm temperature.

The Doves

Cubbies of Terra cotta pots.

Lydia with the "plastic" flowers.

Gabe in the conservatory.

Head in a tree.
I took a lot more photos for inspiration, but I'll stop here for now.

Birthday Breakfast

Previewed presents wrapped.  We were scurrying with birthday excitement this morning.

Lydia baked up the oven pancake with a little contribution from each of us.

Birthday Girl

Best one ever.  I cut the apples, butter, and cinnamon for the bottom.  Gabe insisted on the sixth big, yellow-yolked egg.  Lydia beat the eggs and honey extra long.  Dad took it out of the oven?

Too scrumptious not to share.

Late March Weekend

Orchard pruning job complete.  Marshal asked for a picture with his pile, and Gabe had just put on his baseball pants, readying for practice.

Lydia is in the house baking a cake.  She chose raspberry, banana, kiwi, and peach for the filling.

Whip cream embellishments.

Someone's Birthday Cake coming up.

Wrapping up the birthday cake job - present for Mom.

Gabe mowed around the garden beds.

Bulbs salvaged from the chickens' digging this fall.

Pruned orchard with a couple new trees.

BB Target shooting.  Gabe's favorite past time.