Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day

Mt Baker with a Romantic Glow

February Angus Calves

Marshal under the Valentine Lights

Dad sent the kids on a treasure hunt with clues at breakfast.

Brotherly Love

Favorite Valentine

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mysterious February Pox

Valentine's Pox!

For the Birds

Gabe and Lydia have been continuing to use Gabe's research, and their ingenuity to draw in the birds.  Gabe has written an alphabetical record of every species he has identified in the state of Washington.  He recorded his 62nd yesterday, a female Purple Finch.  Gabe has taken these photos in the past week, and someone might in enjoy them as I do.
Finch getting a Drink

Heart and star handmade gelatin molded bird seed forms hanging behind Red-Wing Blackbird in flight.

Chestnut-backed chickadee looks like he's bracing himself against the wind under the little suet feeder rain cap.

Free frisbee handmade feeder and grapefruit rind hanging bowls make a flock of Red-wings happy.
And then there is the vast natural landscape for the bigger birds just outside the perimeters of our yard.
Don't know what carrion this eagle has found in the closest pasture beyond our deck, but the calves are beginning to drop and there will be ensuing fights over the afterbirth in coming weeks.

The Trumpeter swans are back in large numbers in the mild February weather, feeding on the barren fields and waters that are waking up with spring.