Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Few Farm Animals

I had to have the guineas... hopeful future tick control.  The Black Copper Marans is their squad leader.


Susannah and Hunter
Aggie - Heritage Red Galloway

Bonnie - Dun-colored Galloway.  She is extra sweet - like brown sugar.

Very Own Milk Cow

Ginger had a little bull calf on Friday.  Here are the first photos!

Happy Farmers

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Steamboat Mountain

Sunday Evening hike with the church family in Mt Adams Country

Dad on top of the world.  Mt Hood in background.

View of Steamboat Lake from Steamboat Mountain.

Lydia sitting on the precipice with our mountain.

Marshal and Monte
Dad and I enjoying the flowers on the way down.
God's gardens with the Indian Paintbrush.

Pretty flowering sedum.

Dad went up and down the mountain on new knees.

I still have the congenital loosey goosey ones, but trekking poles help.  Beautiful evening for a hike, wonderful scenery, special comradery, and just half a dozen mosquito bites!

One Summer Evening's Light

Electricity in the Air

Distant thunder cloud glow.

Pots around the porch.
Shasta Daisies in Bloom

Looking out past the garden.
Wild grasses mixing with path behind the house.

Scattered crop of Everbearings
Black Eyed Susans and Sage

The Perennial Garden - Pink and Blue to Summer Gold

Happy Geraniums Looking In
Hummingbird feeding in front of a thunder shower rainbow.

Kitchen Window- Happy Geraniums Looking Out
Night Sky Lit Up

Joseph Reunion

We went to Joseph, Oregon over Marshal's birthday weekend for a biannual family reunion on his dad's side.  We were reminded how beautiful the Wallowas are; not called "Oregon's Little Switzerland" for nothing.
Driving into Joseph
Tame deer at Wallowa State Park
Cousin Grand Prix
Gabe capturing it on his iPhone.

Serious Birthday Boy gaining on every racer in front of him.


Lydia is speedy.

Gabe one-handed.
Ticket to speed with the big cousins.
Bumper Boats with Grandma
Birthday dinner at the park.

Lydia baked and secreted a lemon pound cake for Marshal, and I baked compote/crisp with all the luscious fruit that Ruth brought.

Marshal's Clan
Grandpa with his brothers.

The Kids
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