Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Few Farm Animals

I had to have the guineas... hopeful future tick control.  The Black Copper Marans is their squad leader.


Susannah and Hunter
Aggie - Heritage Red Galloway

Bonnie - Dun-colored Galloway.  She is extra sweet - like brown sugar.


neveralone said...

Thank you for making my day! Beautiful and interesting, all! What a beautiful life.. I love the details, the photos of ..everyone but you, Shanea. Love you.. Congratulations on your beautiful nephew, Zebulun David. He looks so sturdy, and the love of family such a joy to see. Finally I am getting to see sweet Lydia, congratulations on fine work on the fair items. Gabe is growing tall & wonderfully so, fun photos of Marshal. Fun to hear Ruth is still running! Love to all!

neveralone said...

PS Fun to see Oliver cat. What a lucky cat! Our Oliver is such a nice young man. I wish their family (and ours as well) could visit yours. With the kids all growing and so wonderfully interesting it is sad for any of us to miss out, but life is so. I'm glad this isn't "all there is.."