Thursday, August 25, 2016

Children's Art

We began the month of August, first weekend, with the annual community fair.  Marshal and I put together a health and wellness booth, and Marshal made a beautiful TLC clinic sign.  Just have to wait for a photo; I was too busy for taking photos!  We managed to milk the cow that morning.  Grandma slept over to take the kids to the 8am race.  Grandma Ruth, Gabe, and Lydia all finished well in the 5K.  I managed to pick a flower bouquet and vegetable bouquet of kale stems in a mason jar for the Flower and Vegetable Contest.  My sis entered an array of beautiful garden veges and hustled all the girls to fill vases with perennial garden flowers for their own entries, and my mom entered her first fair bouquet, a formal arrangement of a spray of white roses in a porcelain basket vase.  Lydia entered two plates of cookies in the baking contest.  Her Anzac cookies won second place in the junior division for a special prize and were auctioned for a handsome price at the end of the day.  She submitted a knitted round washcloth and embroidery tea towel in the Threads and Yarns Fiber Arts.  I was so pleased with all the participation this year, and getting to be a part of it!
Lydia's take home from the fair. 

All the cousins entered art drawings for the Children's Art Show.
Talented Kids
Each entry received a participation ribbon, a concession dollar, and raffle ticket.  Cousin Thad with his pencil portrait at age 7 won the raffle!

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