Thursday, August 25, 2016

Clark County Fair

This was Marshal and my county fair through childhood.  Our brother and sister-in-law spent the fair in the goat barn and beyond with their 4-4H-ers.  They all brought home ribbons from the county fair!  Seeing family is a great excuse to see the fair.  Thank you Diane for inviting us and the tickets!
We had a rain shower, and I convinced Marshal to slip under a stage tent for a dry bench to eat our burritos.  Marshal found himself getting some stage time in Cowgirl Tricks' show!
A bit tied up in Cowgirl's tricks!
Got branded and handed over to me.
The line up before we said goodbyes.  Missing one nephew - but this shot is a keeper.
Rheanne with the show goats.  Goat barn is being prepped for the market goats.

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