Thursday, August 25, 2016

Newest Nephew

Meg on the move with labor pains.  We were all hopping with excitement and expectancy with this eighth baby.  Baby decided to hide and hang out in the womb for a few more days though.
First Glimpse of Our Baby
 But Saturday, I was standing with eldest Havilah in the kitchen of the quiet farmhouse and heard the sound of a newborn infant cry.  Zebulun David made his appearance during the afternoon break of Fiddle and Dance Camp.
Patient and persevering midwife dancing at the end of the day.
Gabe and Lydia joined the strings for their first Sunday worship with Uncle Jesse.

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neveralone said...

Oh so enjoyable to see Gabe's 15th birthday celebration with the cousins and with the grandmas & grandpas at home! Just so nice to see everybody! What a happy place and so enjoyable to be a part of even this way!! I love it all and all of you! I miss you! We miss you! There were lights tonight, the first I've seen in the evening. It appears the new owners have moved in. Very nice to see it lit up again. Love to all!