Monday, December 29, 2014


Christmas Morning - Dawn's Early Light

Stockings Unstuffed

Princess Jemuelle

Seth with Matthias finishing up his "orange julius," actually raw milk kefir, oranges, and honey.

Marshal got a few more winks of sleep than me last night.

Present opening in full swing!

All wanna be cowboys.  They were so thrilled with cap guns that they went out to play.  They didn't care about opening any more gifts.  One of Seth's boys said, "Yeah, pack em up Dad."

Abijah, always dressed as a lil' cowpuncher.  Happy with some new accessories to his get-up.

Nathanael more than pleased with a rifle with sound effects.

Johannes changed his mind about wearing a mighty fuzzy caterpillar of a mustache on his lip.  Was a bit much.

Lydia received a sewing/embroidery kit full of essentials and more from Grammy and Grandpa.

Gabe received Grammy's fly tying set with feathers, furr, and fuzz galore.
Thank you Grammy and Grandpa for a Family Christmas of everyone's dreams.  Love Always.  XXXXOOOO

Christmas Eve

Hadassah and Mommy have arrived, dressed for Christmas.

Jemma too!

Seth and Janelle with their babies, two of four boys.  So glad we get to have them close!

Grammy setting up Playmobil with Johannes.

Hadassah at the head of the kids' table.

Big girls


Big Boys

Nathanael feeling a little under the weather. 

Uncle Luke serving up a plate of roast beef with all the sides.  Jesse brought the roast from the bull that ground him in the dirt this summer, and Seth cooked it to perfection.

Banqueting Tables

Marshal's Plate

Unwrapping the Christmas Eve pajamas.

Twas the Night Before Christmas with Grandpa

Little Leroy listening intently.

Little Jemma discussing something with Mommy.

Naph ready for sugar plum dreams.


Kim finishing up her hand crocheted stockings!

All the children have gone to bed and presents come out of the woodwork, truck beds, vans, boxes, bags, closets... creating quite a mountain for a sea of nieces and nephews, brothers, and sisters, own children, and parents.  Stockings are stuffed, and the scene is set for wide-eyed wonderment and exclamations on Christmas morning.  One little one sneaks a preview.

Stockings hung on a most holy night, and all wished a goodnight.

Christmas Cut Outs and Taffy Pull

Jemma, wearing Grammy's early childhood apron, helps Mommy make Christmas cut out sugar cookies.
 My sis and I arrived with our families at Mom and Dad's before Christmas, cousins together.  Gabe and Lydia were anxious to not miss out on an old-fashioned taffy pull!  You know, the kind described in Laura Ingall's Wilder's Farmer Boy and old Raggedy Ann story books.  We followed the recipe from the Little House Cookbook.  We ended up putting the first trial too soft taffy back in the pot with another 1/4 cup of sugar and bringing to 260ºF again.  Turned out perfect, and the more you pulled with buttered fingers, the lighter in color and stiffer it got.
All hands are in!

Jemma lovin' it.

Fun with candy.

Grammy and Hadassah looking on.

Coolness.  You can see Gabe's taffy lightening in color.

Naphtali and mom pulling together.

Dassah, 15 months, busy playing in the sink.

Wrapping the candy for Christmas stockings.  It was melt in your mouth delicious!  Reminded me of my memory of See's caramel suckers.  Gabe pulled out a molar with it.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lydia's 3rd Nutcracker

Dressed for the First Act

First role as a girl in the Christmas party scene.

"Boys" and Girls
After the show with Dad and roses.

Grandma and Grandpa came this year!

Mom with her little leading snow flurry.

American Girl doll, Rebecca, took part in the show too!  Rat King memento from Miss Diane.  Miss Diane's husband makes a wood cut gift, signed by all, for each dancer each year.

From the Nutcracker to the children's Christmas service at church on Sunday night!  A full day!