Monday, December 29, 2014


Christmas Morning - Dawn's Early Light

Stockings Unstuffed

Princess Jemuelle

Seth with Matthias finishing up his "orange julius," actually raw milk kefir, oranges, and honey.

Marshal got a few more winks of sleep than me last night.

Present opening in full swing!

All wanna be cowboys.  They were so thrilled with cap guns that they went out to play.  They didn't care about opening any more gifts.  One of Seth's boys said, "Yeah, pack em up Dad."

Abijah, always dressed as a lil' cowpuncher.  Happy with some new accessories to his get-up.

Nathanael more than pleased with a rifle with sound effects.

Johannes changed his mind about wearing a mighty fuzzy caterpillar of a mustache on his lip.  Was a bit much.

Lydia received a sewing/embroidery kit full of essentials and more from Grammy and Grandpa.

Gabe received Grammy's fly tying set with feathers, furr, and fuzz galore.
Thank you Grammy and Grandpa for a Family Christmas of everyone's dreams.  Love Always.  XXXXOOOO

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