Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Eve

Hadassah and Mommy have arrived, dressed for Christmas.

Jemma too!

Seth and Janelle with their babies, two of four boys.  So glad we get to have them close!

Grammy setting up Playmobil with Johannes.

Hadassah at the head of the kids' table.

Big girls


Big Boys

Nathanael feeling a little under the weather. 

Uncle Luke serving up a plate of roast beef with all the sides.  Jesse brought the roast from the bull that ground him in the dirt this summer, and Seth cooked it to perfection.

Banqueting Tables

Marshal's Plate

Unwrapping the Christmas Eve pajamas.

Twas the Night Before Christmas with Grandpa

Little Leroy listening intently.

Little Jemma discussing something with Mommy.

Naph ready for sugar plum dreams.


Kim finishing up her hand crocheted stockings!

All the children have gone to bed and presents come out of the woodwork, truck beds, vans, boxes, bags, closets... creating quite a mountain for a sea of nieces and nephews, brothers, and sisters, own children, and parents.  Stockings are stuffed, and the scene is set for wide-eyed wonderment and exclamations on Christmas morning.  One little one sneaks a preview.

Stockings hung on a most holy night, and all wished a goodnight.

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