Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Cousin Tradition

The Trout Lake cousins upheld their day after Christmas tradition of a Tea Party!  They were missing quite a few cousins and bemoaned the fact.
Candy Cane tea and Christmas cookie favorites!  They used food-based pigments for their Christmas cutouts this year.  They made sure to eat the missing cousins' share of cookies too.

Christmas tea was hosted in my kitchen.  The kids had helped Grammy pack up her Christmas tree and decor that morning.  Grammy and Grandpa are going to try being snowbirds this winter.

Trout Lake Welcomes You

Pinch me.  We live here!  One of the local dairymen grooms a x-country ski track through miles of open field.

Christmas Eve Day Sunshine

Marshal put up his sign!

Coming Soon Excitement!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Snow Puppy

Beautiful snow lasted all week.  Sunshine and snowflakes both on a cold Saturday noon.  Beautiful time to try out our second use skis, boots, and poles and play with our new puppy, Griswold!

Lydia's hot in the 25 degree sunshine.

Lydia and Gabe just returned from a first ski with Dad.

Griswold Hug
And a Kiss

Climbing snow mountains.
Oliver Cat

The Cats

Gabe Smile

Coming and Going

We came and went all week for school between our "Little House" and the "Farmhouse," and the snow was so beautiful!  Gabe and Lydia got an hour of sledding in on Thursday afternoon.

Nutcracker Weekend

Lydia performed with her Dance Academy in the Last Nutcracker beautifully without any rehearsals last weekend!
Caught a snowball on the way out of the driveway, headed to first Nutcracker show time.
Don't see this kind of weather in the Gorge everyday.  I-84 was solid white snowpack and closed just beyond the exit.

Ballerina between shows.

Evening lights back at home.
Little Russian Dancer on Sunday, post show.

Special girls in the audience of the Sunday matinee.

Lydia's graceful back.

Marshal went and bought a dozen roses to welcome Lydia home after the last show.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Winter Wonderland

Not officially winter, but it appears to have come anyway, looking out my window this weekend!

Oliver comes to the door and greets Lydia with kisses as she takes him back to the barn each morning.

The beauty of morning light on snow and ice.

Icicles turn their cold daggers to threaten us within.

Friday, December 9, 2016

First December Snow

Gabe had been yearning for snow to stick.  He got his desire this mid-December.  Snow was in the forecast, and he was out of bed in the morning to switch on the internet wi-fi for the latest update.  It began to snow just before school.  By the time they finished school at the Farmhouse, they got to go out and build a snowman.
I'm staying warm, holding baby Zeb, and looking out the window.

Cousin Creation
First Real Snow of the Year
Gabe put up the lights so pretty for our front door.
Suited up for chores in the gathering dusk.
Snow gear.  Gabe is sure to get some sledding and x-country skiing in about the place too.
Gorgeous morning after the snow.
Dad called just to share the beauty of the morning with us.
The Crab Apple in Seasonal Dress
Lydia coming in from the barn.

Coming home from "homeschool."  I get to teach five special pupils modern history and general science in the afternoons.
Eclectic get up for staying cozy- alpaca beret, wool buff, rabbit, and thermal fleece gloves!  Mom and Dad found me that jacket many years ago, second hand, and its luxurious warmth fits me like my own skin.  I really don't feel the 21ยบ F temperature in it.
At home in a book.
Still snowing....  We are taking a Friday snow day with dry powder building up and Nutcracker rehearsals pending in the evening.  Three Nutcracker casts may take the stage on Saturday with one morning dress rehearsal!