Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Second Christmas

All Dad and Mom's children in one place.

Meg taking the photo in the family room.

Cousin Tea Partiers

Uncle David with Nephew Silas

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Partial House Tour -Sneak Peak

Marshal finished painting the kitchen. It was a Christmas surprise for me that I found upon our return. He was so pleased to remove all the cardboard and tape off the floors! I got to unpack the last kitchen boxes.

We are really living in this dining/living room. It won't change much now, just waiting for finished electrical, drywall patching, more paint. But alas, we are living and enjoying it immensely now.

Partial House Tour (part 2)

My Bedroom
Yes, I love to wake up to each new dawn in this room. It has a grand view of Mt Baker from my pillow.

Marshal worked long days painting while I went to family Christmas homecoming early. Here is new paint in hallway which sets off the fir doors and trim so nicely.


Disclaimer: Looks finished and flawless in photos. Photos lie.

Celebrating the New Year, Cozy at Home

New Year's Day Chess, Mancala, and a Tea Party

Lydia has the tray of "Best Ever Gingerbread."

Celebrating with the Bubbly!
Downed to the last drop - Martinelli's.

Today, the party goes on - a cribbage lesson, cookies and hot (carob) cocoa. Tonight, early to bed, for early to rise. Back to work for Marshal, but it has been a wonderful welcome to the new year.

In the Kitchen

Preparing New Year's Eve dinner - roast chicken, winter squash - not going exactly as planned, as I took them out of the oven prematurely. They were perfect the second night, reheated New Year's Day!
The biscuits rising to the occasion! Happy New Year!