Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Dad and Mom thanks giving with us.

Thankful for the man in the mustache with us.

Modern American family... left to their own devices.  Thankfully, we did play some real games, read print pages, and have some real face to face interactions too.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

November 1st

Bay leaves and old-fashioned pumpkins with a new, old picture gifted from a long dear friend.

Gabe and Lydia enjoy any excuse to let out creative energy.  Lydia tried carving her own face into the pumpkin.  Gabe is all about birds; he carved out a crow.

Case Farm's heirloom corn, that they selectively plant year after year, grows more brilliant in color.  In a basket with some unintentional hybrids from my own garden. 

Orchid blooms have lasted all fall.

Spider plant is happy.  It gets a drink from the fish bowl every week.

GABE's World

Fall Contrast

Catch Up Time!

Cousin Steve spent some time again with us this season and worked his magic, or in other words, employed his ability to take materials, old and new, and make something amazing.  I know one or two have heard about the newest projects and have been waiting to see!
New stairs out of a rough pile of old milled fir that my dad cut for us years ago with measurements I gave him over the phone!

Pretty wood, knots, cracks, and all. 

New deck with willow weeping all over it.

Wrapped porch around three sides of the house.

Nice expanse to take in the view.

Steps out to the back garden, woodshed, and orchard.