Friday, January 20, 2017

January Ice Crystals

I wish I could have captured it for you; it was snowing diamonds. 
And then the ice storm arrived....  Ice burdened branch did not break under the weight. 
Turkeys feeding on the Hawthorne berries.

Turkey out my back window is not so camouflaged behind the icy branches. 
Ice Palace Bird Feeder

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Ski at the Neighbor's

Mt Adams Beauty
Just starting the loop.
Looking back over my track.
Looking Forward
Caught Up
So beautiful.  My fingers were freezing right at the first, so I put the camera away and just soaked it up.   Captured increasing beauty in my memory, knowing why Rowena puts these scenes to canvas.

Saturday Sledding Party

Nephew Abijah celebrated his 8th birthday on the local sledding slope.  Fun for all!
It is a winter wonderland.
Rope tow for one.
First Sledding - "Is this supposed to be fun?"
Hav on a pair of downhill skis.
Shane, the snow boarder.
Gabe looking like the real deal with his ski swap gear. 
Jesse and brother Trav had a good blind run in the wood sled.
Cool Candid Posers
Birthday Boy with the boys.
Three pretty girls.
Seth and Matthias
Birthday Boy is in the middle; three boys stirring up the powder.
Cool Shack

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Turkeys in the Snow

Flock of wild turkeys in the yard midday.

Not exactly turkeys.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

January Snow

The Wild Turkeys just headed out to hop over the fence at the corner.

They were just feeding on the little red apple berries of the crabapple tree.

Billowy Whiteness
Gabe planning his spring chick hatch at the kitchen table.  His brain can not think of anything else already.

Lydia baked some sky high biscuits for the snowy day inside.

Arbor View
Gabe just got more snow than he bargained for.  Shaking out his boots.

Stellar Jay and Scrub Jay on the feeder.  Such a pretty sight... a small flock make a bright spot of color all morning in contrast to the cold colors of winter's dormancy.

Spotted Towhee and Golden Crown Sparrow says Gabe.  They are the trees' winter foliage.

Happy New Year!

Looks like pjs, popcorn, gingerbread, Aunt Katie's new "Decadent Hot Cocoa" recipe and a movie to celebrate.