Tuesday, January 10, 2017

January Snow

The Wild Turkeys just headed out to hop over the fence at the corner.

They were just feeding on the little red apple berries of the crabapple tree.

Billowy Whiteness
Gabe planning his spring chick hatch at the kitchen table.  His brain can not think of anything else already.

Lydia baked some sky high biscuits for the snowy day inside.

Arbor View
Gabe just got more snow than he bargained for.  Shaking out his boots.

Stellar Jay and Scrub Jay on the feeder.  Such a pretty sight... a small flock make a bright spot of color all morning in contrast to the cold colors of winter's dormancy.

Spotted Towhee and Golden Crown Sparrow says Gabe.  They are the trees' winter foliage.

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