Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Birthday Dad

Birthday Phone Call...

...Mom and Dad

Honey Cheesecake, Raspberry Sauce, and Dark Chocolate Drizzle per Marshal's request.

This match should do the trick!

Light the cake!

Serious pyrotechnician.   (That word is for Gabe.)

Happy Birthday Song.

Love that Father-Son Look!

Time to blow out the candles.

Wave goodbye to the smoke.

Gift time.  Sheba has come to gift her devotion too.

Gabe's gifts to himself and Dad.

Birthday Dad is loved very, very much.

Catch of the B-Day!

Marshal celebrated his day, up before the early summer sunrise, meeting Cousin Steve, salmon fishing among the islands with his kiddos.  Couldn't be a better day when you bring home a lovely pink salmon as a reward after the ultimate thrill of the catch.  They got to battle a lot of sharks, lose a lot of hooks, cut a lot of hopelessly tangled line, get a lot of sun and sea, and tell a lot of fish stories.
What's it gonna weigh?  Pretty big fish on the scale already.

And the verdict is... 13 whoppin' pounds.  Nice!

Proud fisherman.

Lydia in on the action too.  Hear she was a good boat driver.

It was a group catch!

Salmon watch out!

Look What I Found...

...On My Camera!
Recognize those teeth?

A Princess and a Prince
Lydia had a favorite friend visit, with time to be girlie and play dress up.  Big brother had to try to steal the show with his disguise and antics of course.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Our Local 4th of July Parade

This is the first year that we made it to our local 4th of July parade.  Lydia came from her first summer schedule ballet class.

Marshal, the stash keeper.

Waving the Red, White, and Blue.