Monday, April 30, 2012

Indoor Picnic

Monday evening on a rainy day, indoors at the table, but it looks like a summer picnic to me.  What's for dinner?  Grass-fed beef dog (German sausage), home-made sauerkraut, home-made fermented ketchup, Bubbies pickle relish, Dijon French mustard (Trader Joe's), coconut oil and sea salt kale chips, raw vegetables with lima bean hummus.  The hummus was pre-made last week, so this plate was a quick and easy compilation for a Monday night after a full day of household chores, home-school, and more.  Fun and yum.


Janelle said...

Hi Shanea! I love the way you photograph food - yum!!! I also got to read your writing on grains/bread that you wrote last October. That was wonderfully informative and so insightful! Thank you!
Tell Gabe I've had many fishing trips without a bite. I understand, but am sorry, none the less.
Thad examines every blog photo of Gabe, with open admiration. Keep them coming! :)
Thanks again!

Trinity said...

I'm reading Nourishing Traditions and saw the recipe for fermented ketchup. What is it like? Does it taste anything like the junk we're accustomed to?

Shanea said...

I just saw your comment, Trinity. I used the ketchup recipe link (Nourished and Nurtured website) on my February, Full GAPS cooking post. This is a really simply recipe with tomato paste. Yes, it does taste like the stuff in the bottle, but perhaps better. My kids love it. They weren't real ketchup fanatics until now! Now Gabe is a ketchup and eggs fan.