Sunday, June 2, 2013

Spring Baseball Season at a Close

Dodger Line Up.  I have my eye on Number 16.

This team was loaded with pitchers.  Gabe got to help out the team on the mound occasionally, when the team needed to throw some strikes.  Otherwise, he was a right fielder, catching fly balls, slugging at the plate, running bases, and stealing home.
We are at the end of the season in tournament games.

Got their 2013 Little League medallions today.

My Major Leaguer
June 4th update:  Still playing this season!  Dodgers won their second tournament game last night.  Gabe opened the game as pitcher.  He pitched the first half of the game.  He only pitched one ball out of 10 pitches in the first inning.  Second much the same.  Lots of hits.  Fielders were on the ball and got runners out at second base.  Gabe made a tag at home plate in the third inning.  He was tagged in the ribs himself by a hit and got the runner out at first in another play!
Dodger Number 16

Practice wind-up.  Notice practice ball coming in top right.

Perfect pitch.


Post-game team huddle.

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