Saturday, November 20, 2010

November Saturday

Cold day with sunshine. Dumpster left last week with the months of re-construction debris.
Marshal gave the grass a late fall cutting/mulching before the snow flies. He asked me who the burglar was in the back yard upon seeing this photo. You see the wood pile behind that we are cutting deeply into already. We've had the house cozy with wood heat exclusively. The duct cleaning service is coming on Monday so we can use the forced-air furnace on occasion.

Gorgeous morning, gorgeous day, gorgeous evening. Mt Baker is snow white.
Great white birds, bright white, their wings catching the first morning light, have congregated on the water all day. I thought maybe snow geese or something. Learned from my dear neighbor on facebook that it is the annual return of Swan families! Indeed. We watched them through the binoculars this evening. Their graceful long necks in mated pairs. Groupings were head down, bottoms up, feeding in the water.
Trying to capture a semblance of this amazing sight. Mt Baker blushing pink and the moon so grand and full. The moon was close enough to lasso in real life.

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