Thursday, June 14, 2012

An Overcast Day in June

Sheba's profile with her ears perked up and forward.  It is such a handsome look for a Lab.

Afternoon Reading.  I'm always glad to see Gabe voluntarily reading for fun.


Tirza had a bath today.  She smells like lavender.

Cows on the move.

Pastoral View

Curious cows on the fence.

Patterned faces.

Pretty young heifer I think.

Sheba keeping the cows in check.

Alternate garden view.

Sheba's sleek form... might have something to do with her grain free diet.  Wish I could say it is a raw diet with lots of meaty bones, but it's not.  Maybe in the future when we live close to the local business of cutting and wrapping the farmers' beef.

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