Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Beauty

Lydia has continued her love of dancing.  Last September she gained entrance to the local classical ballet school with Ms Diane.  She started again in the ballet 1 class and has excelled in her form and French ballet terms.  She loves to take the stage.  She had the opportunity to be a horse in the Beauty and the Beast Ballet.  The weekend was full of ballet dress rehearsal and four performances back to back.  Lydia's energy did not wane.  She only commented wistfully that she wished her dance was longer and that the seats in the audience were fuller.  She would like to pursue summer classes, and she already has her sights set on the Nutcracker.

Dancers after the finale, hanging out on stage.

A pretty little pony.

Family Picture after last performance.

Beauty and the Beast keepsakes... dancer signed on the back of the wooden hearts.

Lydia loved the make-up along with everything other aspect of being in the ballet.

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