Sunday, June 24, 2012

Chicken Tractor

Our goal this weekend was to build a chicken tractor for our eight pullets, but inclement weather, other priorities, and the inconvenience of tools and materials got in the way.  Marshal resulted to shopping on Craiglist which turned into a road trip and quick visit with family.  Marshal even spent the night on a fishing boat with his brother, and we came home today with a chicken tractor for the feathered gals.  And it is quite the roost indeed... all that I'd hoped for.

Lizzie, our Speckled Sussex found the roost, flapping her wings like mad, first thing.  She was a little nonplussed about how to get down.

Most all the chicks flew off the top of the chicken ladder, some hitting the opposite wall of chicken wire for a crash landing.  This Orpington took the exploratory walk though, tentatively walking up and down, still a little unsure, but smarter than the rest.

Tirza staring in from the outside, watching chick behavior.