Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Gabe got Dad to take a Gabe holiday for his 14th birthday.  It gave Dad a three day weekend.  Grandpa and Grandma came for Saturday fishing.  Monday we had a Gabe day.  We had breakfast at Adrift and bought some new Wranglers jeans at Coastal to cover the long legs.  Gabe and Dad spent the afternoon building a bird feeder according to plan.  Mom and Lydia were busy in the kitchen with the birthday dinner and chocolate layer cake.

Bird feeder construction zone.

Thumbs up!

Birthday Dinner - Crustless French Quiche and Spinach Salad with Bacon, Tomato, Avocado.

Lydia was up first in the morning, getting the birthday on.

Cake with buttercream and nasturtiums.

Hand made card from Liddy.

Vintage Photo from Aunt Janelle with a string of 14 fish!

Treasure trove of fishing lures.
Thank you Uncle Seth and Aunt Janelle!  Gabe was telling Dad how each one was special.  The best!

Lydia doing a happy dance that she found a winner of a gift- a hanging fish scale!
Creative wrap and unwrap.

Real Tree
Modeling Camo

The Big Gift from Dad

Gabe made this birthday last, savoring each moment.

What is it?  Could it be?  Can we afford that, Dad?

Bird Scope!

Thank you Dad!

Lydia started lighting candles, but it was a three man job.
The Birthday Glow

What was that?!

Lydia carries out Gabe's tradition.
Slow Blow

Lots of breath and lots of smoke.

Eating Flowers
Cake cutting always serious business.

Gonna be good.  Whipped cream/Mascarpone Filling
Rbst-free Breyer's with the cake.  Mom wrote the company a letter years back.;-)  First "sugar" birthday in a few years.

Bought Sheba a birthday bed at Costco.

Seahawks won a game tonight!  Gabe is pointing at his hat, not me.
Loving my son.
Bird Feeder in Operation

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