Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fall Garden

Not too bad for a poorly tended garden!
Nice vegetable dinner casserole.  And I thought even the zucchini was a bust this year.

Thai Basil in a pot.

Flowering radish and nasturtiums in the background.

Fall Calendula - October Birth Flower

Strawberry bed is working up a bumper crop of everbearings.
Touch of red in the patch.

Bees love the Borage flowers with the squash and sunflowers.

Nothing like sunny sunflowers.

Sun in a blue sky.
Pumpkins playing peek-a-boo.
Late pears are prolific.  Didn't even keep up with the early ones.

Whoa!  Gabe brought in quite the hitchhiker.  Anyone can I.D. that one?

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